Short Film produced by Hirosaki City Government



Toki (from Ringo musume) —–as Rinko Mikami
Masatoshi NAGASE —–as Tamao Mikami
Youki KUDOH —–as Mayumi Mikami


There is an apple farming family who lives at the foot of Mt. IWAKI.
RINKO(14), an only daughter, always skives from school and run away from home with her boy friend, KENICHIRO, on a couple of occasions.
MAYUMI(41), the mother of RINKO, has endless worries over raising her willful daughter, business and workload in her apple farm.
CHIGUSA(65), the mother-in-law of Mayumi, gives Mayumi a lot of pressure; always nagging and complaining about how she works at the farm.
A few days before Rinko’s 15th birthday, TAMAO(45) ( the father), brought a “horse with a ribbon” as a birthday present. Tamao’s customary selfish behavior adds up to the already heavy burdened Mayumi.
A long time after Rinko ran away from home, she came back begging for money. Just then, she found her “horse with a ribbon” and a discovery that overwhelmed her with deep sorrow.