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Ringo Musume

“Cool & Country” is our concept.

Ringo Musume, a dance and singing unit, originates from activities of Hirosaki Actors’ School Project, a volunteer group founded in Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan in July 2000.
The project sought two missions such as, 1) to transmit regional information by means of music and entertaining activities, 2) to revitalize our sweet home Aomori and primary industries of all over Japan and abroad through entertainments.
Now the project is incorporated as Ringo Music Corporation founded in 2005.
Every member of Ringo Musume is named after each different apple variety, which keeps reminding us of promoting Aomori, #1 apple production region in Japan. We are known as “active farming idols.” We are all interested in farming and actually challenging on the farms in both private and TV shows.

We have been drawing public attentions as a forefront regional entertainer by our frequent appearances on TV/radio shows and commercials, in addition to our energetic activities including event performances at 80+ annually, volunteer lives at local kindergartens/schools/senior citizens’ homes etc.


“Ringo” is a Japanese word that means “Apple” in English.
“Musume” means “Young Girls” in Japanese. Ringo Musume was named after our hope that the members who are young girls would represent every apple town in Aomori.

Alps Otome

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Alps Otome

“Seven Varieties of Apple”

Alps Otome is one of the various apple kinds. Its tree bears more fruit than other kinds, with distinctive natural apple flavors and often used for toffee apples.
The unit was named after the apple’s distinctive flavor that expresses each member’s characteristic image. Each of them is named after every popular family name of apple farmers in Aomori.
Their activities extend to event performances on a sole basis and acting on official PR video of apples sponsored by Aomori Prefectural government, as well as perform as back dancers of Ringo Musume at various events and local volunteer stages.
Their first original song “Nijiiro Ringo” was released in 2012.
Each member is working energetically to pursue her goal inside and outside of Alps Otome’s activities.


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